Caution: Watch out for this. You’ll enter a blog, and a pop-up looking like the one above will appear asking you to log into Tumblr to verify your age. DO.NOT.DO.IT. Basically, you’ll give the hacker your login information and they will use your blog as they have done the one above. Seriously, take my word for it. It’s NOT Tumblr. Please pass the message along. For some, our blogs are our lives. And it could all be gone in an instant.

Looks like they’re at it again, guys

((well crap))

signal boost

(( Re-blogging for obvious reasons! ))
Hello followers, you may read this if you wish.

Like I said, I would probably be changing the URL of my art blog several times, and I did.

In case any of you want to know, my new URL is:
I also have my main blog wherein I post anything but my drawings:

It would be awesome of you to follow me in any blog. I also follow back. vwv 
And, wow. I’m also a bit happy I thought I’d lose over a hundred followers here but I can’t believe I gained a bunch of new ones. Hello everyone! You are all amazing. :0 

We are Honey and the Bee. 0u0

i think i am kinda sorry for making this??

New DP and new URL. My previous one was Roxnae, and before that was Xennaro. But anyway, here have a lovely and slightly gif of Jade Harley, one of the cooliest cuties in Homestuck. uwu

Also at school I saw this really pretty girl okay and she wore this Minnie Mouse headband and started jumping around the campus and acting all happy go lucky and she was so adorable I wanted to hug her so badly but I could not

Straighten up, little soldier.Stiffen up that upper lip. What are you crying about? You got me. 
Hello followers! Please read this if you have the time!

Please follow my other blog! I won’t be very much active in this one anymore.

My new blog is:

I’ve added a drawing tag in there so yeah it’s most likely an art blog. (Kind of) Oh and also, I might change the URL soon but I’ll post it up again here to let you guys know.

 Thank you all so much. You may carry on with scrolling!

 Have a great day!! vuv

i ship gam and pinkie and if you sort of dislike that then i am really sorry vmv

I don’t really draw like this. I know it seems a bit different but it was because of this song. I also kind of got the idea from this really great artist. =w= 

This update gave me a lot of awesome feels for Meenah. Really she is adorable. ;m;


it was 4am
more things i did at 4am



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